Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nuclear Power is Anti-Life

2011-04-08 "Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California; 5 of 6 items in food chain sampling test have radioactive particles"
UCB Food Chain Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering []:
Six items were tested: spinach, strawberries, cilantro, topsoil, grass, and mushrooms. Measured in Becquerel per kilogram.

* Wild Mushrooms, Collected April 2 in Alameda, CA:
I131 @ 8.4 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ .63 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ .47 Bq/kg

* Strawberries, “Best By” Date of April 1, Location Unknown :
I131@ 2.5 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ .69 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ .67 Bq/kg

* Grass, Collected April 3 in Alameda, CA:
I131 @ 9.8 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ 6.9 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ 6.9 Bq/kg

*Spinach, “Best By” Date of April 8, Location Unknown:
I131 @ 2.8 Bq/kg

* Topsoil, Collected April 6 in Alameda, CA:
I131 @ 12.5 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ .99 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ 1.5 Bq/kg

* No radionuclides were found in Cilantro from an unknown location
Read the report here [].

Guidance Levels for Radionuclides in Domestic and Imported Foods, Food and Drug Administration, July 2004 []:
For infants the FDA set the level of concern at 55 Bq/kg of Iodine-131.

Table 8 - Derived Intervention Levels (Bq/kg)
(radionuclide groups, most limiting of all diets)
Radionuclide Group    Derived Intervention Levels
Sr-90    160 (15 years)
I-131    170 (1 year)
Cs group    1200 (adult)
Ru-103(a)    6800 (3 months)
Ru-106(a)    450 (3 months)
Pu + Am group    2 (3 months)
(a)Due to large differences in DILs for Ru-103 and Ru-106, the individual concentrations of Ru-103 and Ru-106, the individual concentrations of Ru-103 and Ru-106 are divided by their respective DILs and summed. The DIL for the Ruthenium group is set at less than one.

* Latest UCB test results: First time radioactive cesium found in spinach, arugala, and kale around San Francisco Bay area []
* Human embryos in US likely bioaccumulating radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium says physician who taught at Harvard Med School []
* Cesium-137 levels in Vermont milk at 66% of maximum contaminant level allowed by EPA []
* IAEA: “Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions” may be coming from melted fuel in No. 1 reactor []
* Cesium-134 and 137 found in US food supply; Organic milk bought in San Francisco Bay Area []

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