Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011-06-23 "We Talk of Climate Change But Not Human Change" by Reverend Billy
Very few of us know how much we must change. We talk of climate change but not human change. We look through a window and envision a completely different vision of life on this Earth. And then that window actually is a door. We open it and we walk to our first task – and that might be gentle sustaining love, or a shout of horror.
Horror is being changed for us by the Earth – back to the kind that carries actual death; not the packaged horror that is good for jobs, that drives the economy. Not that long row of toys, games, media – the use of horror as a laughing guilty pleasure for children. The horror movie is now only a distraction, when just behind that screen is the real horror that will fling us into the sky if it wants to.
Climb through the jagged rip in the movie theater that a tornado has blown open. Talk about doorways. Look out at the Earth and first of all note that it is not media, is not a tourist brochure, is not a landscape made in America. The Earth is alive and our death might be a decision it has made, but must step through with a faith in the Earth – that fluid lively non-fundamentalistic faith - that we have a role in a collaboration with the thing that made us.
The force that trusted us with the intelligence that we now use to drill, gouge, dam, explode and drain this place it gave us… that Earth feels pain, knows who we are, and will change us because we are a part of it’s body. That Earth will know when we walk across it, held up on it’s plain of living soil. That Earth holds me up as I type this in Salt Lake City. That Earth spares me the horror a little longer but can’t make any promises, as I step through the door.

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