Friday, October 14, 2011

City of Napa
Cash for grass -
The city of Napa offers a rebate for water customers who replace eligible lawns with landscaping that uses less water.
The program offers 50 cents per square foot of lawn replaced with:
* Low-water use, climate-appropriate plants, and/or
* Permeable hardscape, and/or
* Artificial grass (polyethylene and nylon products only)
The program is open to all properties that are served by a city of Napa water account.
The following per-site maximum rebate amounts apply:
* $500 for single-family residential (equivalent to 1,000 square feet of lawn removed)
* $2,500 for multi-family/commercial/industrial/institutional (equivalent to 5,000 square feet of lawn removed).

The city of Napa presents free water-wise landscaping workshops annually in cooperation with UC Master Gardeners, the California Native Plant Society Napa Valley chapter and local professionals.

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