Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Napa County

2011-11 "End of an era" by John Stephens from "Activist News" newsletter:
Chris had reported to authorities numerous times a creek-bed gravel mining operation at 2700 Pope Canyon Rd.
The county has finally issued a Notice of Non-Compliance for the Pope Creek Quarry / Gravel Pit Surface Mining Permit, and set a hearing for Nov. 16th.
The aerials show the in-stream gravel bars were mined, widened, and altered at bends in the creek.
The County wants a bond to insure compliance, removal of heavy equipment, and land reclamation through decompaction, re-countering the facility, erosion control measures, and native vegetation.
The stream falls to Fish & Game to order restoration to the stream.
The owner still wants to hard-rock mine for the gravel nearby.

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