Saturday, July 7, 2012

Save the Otters!

'Do you think more people would stop using plastic shopping bags if they saw how it affects (marine) wildlife first hand? PHOTO: Sea otter pup encased in a single-use plastic bag. Fortunately mom was able to remove the bag before the pup suffocated.

 "It seems like such a harmless choice, one that’s far too easy to make. You’re driving along in your car and you get thirsty, but you’ve forgotten your trusty stainless steel water bottle. So you swing by a convenience store and buy a bottle of water. While you’re at it you get a snack. No big deal, right? After all, printed on the bottle is the little chasing arrows recycling symbol, and there’s another one on the plastic bag in which the clerk placed your bottle and chips. What that symbol doesn’t tell you is that the bag and bottle are each one of billions produced every year, and try as we might to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic containers, every scrap of plastic we humans have ever produced is still hanging around in the environment.'

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