Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vallejo Watershed Alliance annual planning meeting notes

The Vallejo Watershed Alliance is a partnership of public agencies and interested individuals working together to improve the greater Vallejo watershed.
Vallejo Watershed Alliance Attendees
* Doug Darling * Pam Sahin * Jennifer Kaiser * Gabe Lanusse * Michael Gordon * Liz Wilkie * Karen Jameson * Liat Meitzenheimer * Phil Stevens

Planned Outcome -
Agreement on projects/agreements to benefit the goals of the Alliance and schedule work day
options for the next twelve months.

Agenda -
◊ Presentation by Phil Stevens, executive director of the Urban Creeks Council
◊ Brainstorm Activity
◊ Calendar Posting (on monthly charts)

Presentation -
Phil shared experiences of the Urban Creeks Council, and encouraged the Alliance to think
very big in terms of restoration work.

Brainstorm Activity -
Partipants were asked to contribute ideas about what the Alliance should focus their efforts on during the coming year. The tasks were divided into action items and research or outreach items. Action items were placed on the calendar; research items are to be discussed at upcoming Alliance meetings.

Research/Outreach Items -
• History of Hanns ranch family (Marianne Butler has good contact for this)
• Watershed map layers (streets, sub-watersheds)
• Lake Chabot history
• Bring birders to Chabot, BRSC corridor. Explore partnership opportunities (workdays,
species Ids, photo gallery on web) with Audubon Society
• Bird box maintenance: partnership with Green Academy (monitoring and cleaning to be
done December-Feb)
• Continue with bat box project
• Talk to Robin Leong about possible Flyway Festival/bird box monitoring connection

Calendar -
September 2013
* Coastal Cleanup Day
* Seed bed prep in uplands (small patchwork)
* CC grant: blackberry removal

October 2013
* Seed bed prep (weeding) in uplands
* Mulching/jut mats for erosion sites
* Collect acorns if ready
* Loma Vista Harvest Festival

November 2013
* Collect acorns
* Mulch/jut mats on blackberry removal sites

Nov and/or Jan: rice hull path

December 2013: No work day

January 2014
* Cottonwood cuttings in corridor (on last year’s list)
* Clean bird boxes
* Rice hull path
* Planting on erosion control sites
* Riparian and upland plug planting

Jan thru March: week and clean planting areas

February 2014
* San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival
* Planting on erosion control sites
* Plug planting

March 2014
* Planting on erosion control sites

March thru May maintenance: tube repair, weeding, watering if needed, replanting
Tule removal at Lake Chabot

April 2014
* Tables at Farmers Market for Earth Day
* Lake Chabot trail work? (if needed by GVRD)

May 2014 Needlegrass seed collecting (late May-early June)
* Loma Vista Spring Festival

May through July: weed planted areas

June 2014
* Weeding
* Needlegrass seed collecting (late May-early June)
* Lake Chabot trail work? (if needed by GVRD)

July 2014
* BBQ and cleanup at Blue Rock Springs Park

* 2014 Annual planning meeting at Lake Chabot

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