Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seal and Sea Lions in the San Pablo bay

The San Pablo Bay basin, including the Sacramento Delta, Napa River / Mare Island Sound, Grizzley Bay, and the marshlands surrounding Skaggs Island are all areas known to be visited by seals and sea lions.

The San Pablo Bay Ecological Preservation Association (SEPA) advocates for the placement of info signs with advice about how to deal with seals and sea lions, like what fish they eat and what to do when they get snagged on fishing lines. These info signs will be placed at recreational fisher areas, and as pamphlets at marinas.

"Seagull Steals a Fish From a Seal or Sea Lion Carquinez Strait Martin", posted 2010-09-22 to "" []: Seagull Steals a Fish From a Seal or Sea Lion  Carquinez Strait Martinez California. SEagull steals fish at 1:04!

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