Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Campaign to Save the Bistate Sage Grouse

"Save an endangered bird"  
letter by Karen Christine Irwin, El Cajon, San Diego County, "Letters to the editor, Nov. 5" from "San Francisco Chronicle" [http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/letterstoeditor/article/Letters-to-the-editor-Nov-5-4954952.php]:
Thank you for publishing the article "Feds seek protections for some sage grouse," Oct. 26). A genetically distinct population of greater sage grouse, the bistate sage grouse, lives in a limited area of sagebrush grasslands on the border of California and Nevada, but is threatened by livestock grazing, mining, off-road-vehicle use, weed incursion, conifer encroachment and unnatural fire. Bistate sage grouse population and range have been reduced by more than half from historic levels. Fewer than 5,000 bistate sage grouse remain. As Californians, we have a special opportunity to save the last remaining population of these birds for current and future generations to admire and enjoy.

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