Friday, December 6, 2013

Send input for the upcoming update for Vallejo's General Plan

Opportunity for ecological action!
The Planning Division of the City of Vallejo's Economic Development Department is seeking advice on enhancing habitat, ecological restoration ideas, placement of native plants, and more. 

“Beautification and Design Review Board Meeting”, from the report for the Economic Development Department - Planning Division, published in the “City Manager’s Bi-Weekly Report”, Volume 2, Issue 4, December 6, 2013, from Daniel E. Keen, City Manager, City of Vallejo:
The initial meeting of the Beautification and Design Review Board (BDRB) is scheduled for December 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. The seven-member board of the BDRB, appointed by City Council, is a newly-formed group whose primary purpose includes, but is not limited to, conducting design review within the downtown and waterfront areas, reviewing and commenting on design of development projects if referred by the Planning Commission or City Council, reviewing and advising on an urban forest vegetation program as part of the General Plan update, and developing and administering a comprehensive tree management program.

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