Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Will Parrish, a hero of Little Lake Valley!

Occupy Willits Bypass! Save Little Lake Valley! [link]

"Victory in Court Action on Water Crisis; Protester gets reduced charges; Bypass opponents to converge on Water Board meeting"
2014-01-28 from "Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)":

Update on trial of Caltrans Bypass protester, journalist and Crane-Sitter Will Parrish, scheduled for trial Jan. 28 and facing possible 8 years in jail: (See Jan. 21, 2014 post).
After a hearing in Mendocino County Court Jan. 23, a settlement was reached that cancelled the upcoming trial, scheduled for Jan. 28. (At left: Will Parrish and attorney Omar Figueroa at the Courthouse)
The particulars of the settlement are:
* 15 of the 17 misdemeanors were dropped, retaining two charges of trespass, which drop to infractions after a probation period of 24 months.
* 100 hours of community service
* Two years probation, during which entry of judgment is deferred –i.e., sentencing remains open during that time.
* In addition, a previous violation of a stay-away order was dropped, and the stay-away order was modified so that Parrish can participate in lawful public gatherings at or near the Bypass site.

Over 50 supporters were in attendance and Parrish and his attorney Omar Figueroa held a victory press conference. A restitution hearing will take place April 25, unless a stipulation is reached before then.

"Willits Bypass protests: Eight years for sitting in a crane?"
2014-01-22 from "Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters":
 Press Conference and Rally Thursday January 23, 2014 -
One Bypass protester the Mendocino Co. DA has particularly targeted is Will Parrish, a Ukiah-based journalist and activist who occupied a wick drain “stitcher” to block the draining of wetlands for Caltrans bypass construction. The charges against Will were increased and now carry a maximum jail sentence of nearly eight years! Caltrans also claims Will owes them nearly $500,000 in criminal “restitution” for damages they say they incurred as a result of Will’s crane sit. The rights of those practicing civil disobedience is on trial. The trial is scheduled to begin January 28th at the Mendocino County Courthouse (this date is subject to change – updates here and at

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