Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rio Vista housing in Delta demolished after years of abandonment

"Liberty Island development houses demolished"
2014-09-10 by Galen Kusic for the "River News-Herald & Isleton Journal" [] []
Photo By Galen Kusic

The Liberty Island development by Shea Homes in Rio Vista has been completely down town. It is unclear whether Shea will re-build with smaller homes, as the housing market is back on the rise.
The Liberty Island Housing Development, located off Liberty Island Road has been torn down. While the subdivision’s streets, lights and “watchtower” remain, the houses have been demolished over the past week.
The houses were in disrepair, as countless acts of vandalism, scrawled racial slurs on walls, broken windows and bird feces were rampant throughout the 13-house development that never was.
Shea Homes got a permit within the last two weeks from the City of Rio Vista to demolish the homes, in which squatters had taken accustom to staying inside. Shea contracted a company to do the work.
“They have been vandalized and broken into for the last six years,” said Mayor Norman Richardson. “Copper had even been stolen out of the lights. They were in disrepair – I can’t think of a reason not to tear them down.”
The once promising project may form again, with smaller houses being built – but nothing is for certain at the moment. As for now, the once eerie setting of abandoned homes due to the recession is now gone.
At least for now.

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