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"Stop Green Diamond" campaign

We mean to save Strawberry Rock with its surrounding forests.It should be set aside as a Trinidad Protected Sacred Site!
Strawberry Rock is only the tip of the iceberg and our first concern, while Green Diamond has been hammering our forest and water sheds for years.  Our most basic work begins by exposing their hostile practices to the entire community.  Recently on KMUD it was pointed out, nothing will stop this company!
It's up to the efforts of caring people to collectively stop this company!
All logging spokespeople will tell you "We follow California Forest Regulations, the most stringent in the nation." 
Thus the community for the most part, is purposely kept ignorant of what's happening in our back country and the atrocious standards go on being practiced. 
In Costa Rica, Nature has a Bill Of Rights!
* Friends Of Trinidad Forests
* Forest Defenders
* Trinidad Tree Sit
For further info:  [707-616-2212] [541-731-9502]
"Redwood Nation Earth First!" media contacts Freddie Long [707-459-5267], Jamie Chevalier [707-354-4796], []

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2013-07-13 "Treesit in Trinidad still Challenging Green Diamond"
message from "EF! Humboldt"
Treesitters have been living in the canopy above the Strawberry Rock trail since the logging plan THP #1-10-137 threatened to ruin these already ravaged, but still breathtaking forests. The so-called "Strawberry Rock THP," a proposed 88 acre series of clearcuts, is just a small part of Green Diamond's big vision for the future of Humboldt's forests. Adjacent THPs threaten even more acres of forest in the Trinidad area and Green Diamond has snuck in through the backdoor and begun clearcutting one of these nearby THPs! Immediate action is needed to resist GD's atrocious clearcut practices and continuous exploitation of Humboldt's forests. Contact EF! to get involved and join other local activists for a hike-out to these threatened forests as well as the current treesit July 20, 11 AM at the Strawberry Rock trailhead.

2013-05-20 Letter by Jack Nounnan to Editor of Times Standard:
In reply to a letter in the Sun edition by some of the Yurok community,
Friends Of Trinidad Forests want the Yurok Community to know we never supported the idea of TreeSpirit using the top of Strawberry Rock as a site for their art project, while knowing they came to help our effort in drawing attention to the almost forgotten beauty, vulnerability and sacredness of nature. Why have so many forgotten these roots?
Not only did we write them to state our position long before this took place, but we were there April 27th, before the hike began... to remind them how although many Yurok's were supportive, there were still those who did not agree. We felt TreeSpirit would honor the Yuroks and our position. Only later did we learn what happened.
What is it we can agree upon, which will keep us focused on the real work here toward finding a formula to protect not just Strawberry Rock, but the entire forests surrounding... and more immediately, asking Green Diamond to end its reckless forest practices in replacing them with thoughtful, sustainable caretaking of our precious natural wonders, which make life on Earth possible?
What is it we must do as a community in protecting our local part of this planet?
What do we hold in common to assure ourselves of rising out of this crisis of such widely "taken for granted" disruption and ruin of nature?
Only in recent years has this culture began to even look at the high esteem given to, say, Columbus and those he represented of his regime in Europe, (he finding in his own words) a native people, unclothed, absolutely stunning for their beautiful features, standing before him in all their vulnerability, welcoming his arrival, generous and innocence, millions of them crowded upon those islands, yet not 'in want', no sense of boundaries, no weapons, no possessiveness or if he had discovered an Eden.
Can we find our own 21st century sensibility and affection for what's left?....... Do we see it's in our hands now to "caretake" to preserve and enjoy...or are we like the blind humans, trying to describe an elephant from each of our own perspectives.......... rather than out to save the elephant?
[signed] jack nounnan and Dave Goggin

2013-05-16 "Earth First Protests Green Diamond Logging": 
Trinidad, CA: 9:00 am Earth First! Humboldt dropped a large banner 100 ft. up in trees that can be seen from Highway 101 just North of Trinidad, Ca.

The banner reads in large print "Respect Strawberry Rock", and below in smaller print, "Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative Green-Wash Green Diamond's Clear-Cuts."
Green Diamond is the first U. S. based company that has received FSC certification while still practicing clear cut forestry methods, something that FSC is selling to the public as sustainable. For the SFI, industry created label, clear-cutting is status quo. Green Diamond holds both FSC and SFI certifications.
Despite much vocal opposition from the community, including the mayor of Trinidad, as well as a few dedicated tree-sitters maintaining tree-sits, Green Diamond Resource Company is continuing its clear-cutting, aka "even aged management" around Strawberry Rock. These plans include logging stands of residual old-growth and old second growth redwoods. Included in the forest is a rare and little understood species, Bishop Pine.
Green Diamond has a 45 year clear-cut rotation plan, including all of the land around Strawberry Rock.
Earth! First Humboldt is calling for Green Diamond Resource Company to create a special management zone of the Strawberry Rock area in which restoration forestry practices are followed and include but are not limited to: not taking more than a third of the annual growth of the forest, protecting rare and endangered species such as the Bishop Pine, Spotted Owl, and Marbled Murelet, and restoring mature forest habitat.
The group plans on continuing to support as well as engage in the resistance to Green Diamond's destructive forestry practices, and will be hosting a skill building camp beginning June 14th called Redwood Coast Rendezvous.
Comment from "Friends Of Trinidad Forests":
Friends Of Trinidad forests and all others already involved in attempts to protect these vital areas of our bio-region ......thank Earth First! for joining us at this crucial stage of our protest against Green Diamond. It magnifies the need for all of us who are concerned to see the necessity of direct action and being involved.

2013-05-07 Alert! Green Diamond clear-cutting!
from "Friends Of Trinidad Forests":
Green Diamond is clear-cutting units about 1/2 mile from Strawberry Rock.
 The chain-saws can be heard from our tree sit.
All you hikers and lovers of this area: Yes we'll be having a fine Festival to celebrate our work this summer, but right now we need your deeper involvement!
This Sat. May 11 - at 11:00
Meet at trail head on Frontage R. to Strawberry Rock.
We'll hike, "yes" . . . but we'll be gathering to decide our best actions for confronting these aggressive new Green diamond clear-cutting within 1/2 mile of Strawberry Rock. The chain-saws can be heard from our tree sit. All you hikers and lovers of this area we need your deeper involvement now.......
All those who've already been trained in tree climbing or want to learn and/or help with ground support please be with us Saturday.
This is our future being torn apart by a company, which has consistently assured us they're good neighbors and have our best interests at heart.
If truth be old they've been busy doing whatever they can get away with in terms of their practices for years, and the Board Of Forestry being so undermanned and not able to closely regulate the companies doings.
From the very beginning our protest have done all in their power to publicly expose these devastating forest practices creating a pocked marked landscape of barren wasted clear-cuts and the ruin of watersheds, pollution and lost species.
If you saw these cuts for yourself, you'd have no hesitation in saying: "Count me in!"
"Come on People."

2013-04-25 "Green Diamond's at it! (again)": 
Just reported from the forest in Trinidad!: What to expect? Green Diamond at it... clear-cutting forests, to the north by northwest and very close to Strawberry rock, but not in the same unit. This is precisely the focus and determination of our whole protest movement bring greatly needed public awareness and then changes of such forest practices in stopping the destruction of our forested mountains.
Our tree sitters heard noises going on earlier this week in what they expected was to do with road work, but today it was confirmed that the company is cutting in an area known as 47-1020, less than a mile and being heard from tree-sits and Strawberry Rock.
In light of Earth life's precarious situation with clear-cutting of forests, causing its share of species lost, soil erosions, herbicides, polluted waters and lack of oxygen to offset Climate change, what must we do?
What is it about, being in any process of one's own dehumanizing to what is harmed by ones existence coming to somehow be acceptable? What does it mean to be part of the plunder and disintegration of all we hold dear? If one is busy rationalizing away any such knowledge, based upon the long suffering and destructions raging through the ages, it allows one to think it's inevitable, rather than seeing we have choices! And among such possibilities is refusing to join any historical "mob" practices.
How do we best protect it, if Green Diamond feels it's acceptable to go right on doing as they wish?

2013-02-13 "Community Speaks Out Against Green Diamond's Plans to Clearcut Strawberry Rock forests":
This past Wed. almost three hundred people packed the Bayside Grange for the first annual Green Diamond Resource Company Public Meeting. Negative public sentiment has been building up for a long time about the timber harvest practices of this Seattle-based corporation that owns and operates 400,000 acres in Humboldt and Del Norte counties.
The public's dominant demand was to completely cancel Green Diamond's timber harvest plan (THP 01-10-137 HUM) to clearcut 85 acres around Strawberry Rock, a scenic hiking spot in Trinidad that is treasured by the community.
The grassroots group Friends of Trinidad Forests wants the cancellation of the timber harvest plan(THP 01-10-137 HUM) and the protection in perpetuity of the one square mile area surrounding Strawberry Rock.
We propose this area to be managed as a community forest by the City of Trinidad and/or Humboldt County.
At the meeting, Green Diamond Vice President Neal Ewald announced the company's offer to save 27 acres bordering the trail (Unit E) while proceeding with 58 acres of clearcuts around Strawberry Rock. The community did not feel that Green Diamond's offer to preserve less than a third of this popular hiking spot met Trinidad's need for a Community Forest with a protected view-shed.
"Green Diamond's offer to protect 1/3rd of the 85 acres slated for clearcut near Strawberry Rock is encouraging, but it doesn't go far enough. The next step for them should be to sit down and negotiate a community forest deal with the residents of Trinidad," said Eileen Kitayama after Wednesday's meeting.
Friends of Trinidad Forests will hold a second Town Hall Meeting and other public events (all to be announced shortly) to  invite further community input. Addressed will be the growing demands for a Strawberry Rock Community Forest, bringing to light the Green diamond's critical forest practices and the difference between fact and fiction regarding their own positions.
We will also be inviting folks to regular hikes into this treasured area (also to be announced soon).

2013-02-09 "A Town Hall Meeting!"
Sat. 1:00 - 4:00                
City Hall, Main St., Trinidad
"We've got to pack the Town Hall!"
All community members please come join us!
Let's learn more, and express our deepest concerns...
It promises to be a good session for nailing down our best ideas...
It's a huge turning point in halting Green Diamond!

We're here to say that California forest standards, which permit devastating and untold generational upheaval of our forest lands by Green Diamond must stop! 
Clear-cutting thousands of acres of forested mountains in our back country while arrogantly enforcing their concept of  a never ending dwarfed forest must stop! 
All this denies these areas any chance of ever again becoming great mature healthy forest habitats and watersheds, with all its creatures left to thrive. Such damnable standards are shameful and must be changed out.
This all leads to strengthening our position by requesting The Trinidad City Council join us by signing  our Petition in support of Strawberry Rock at their next meeting: Wed. Feb. 13,  6:30.

This needs our heavy foot on the peddle!
If you were a City Council member and suddenly faced with numbers of community members, wouldn't it alert you that they mean to be heard and have these changes?
Please... "Tell them where you stand on Green Diamond!" 
Ask them: "Please... Have you signed our On Line petition yet?"
This ought to send a strong signal to Green Diamond that we mean to have them cancel their plans to ruin forests around Strawberry Roc, to end their unscrupulous clear cutting and their dwarfed vision of "even management planning". Enough!
Save Trinidad Forests Now!
Call the Trinidad City Council [707-677-0223] (only between 9 and 2) {You can leave a message with the clerk for one or all council members} 
Or write:
Mayor Julie Fulkerson    
Mayor Pro-Tem Dwight Miller
Kathy Bhardwaj               
Tom Davies                               not given
Maria Bauman                           not given

Not convinced? One more look... (Yes, the brown patches are clear-cut areas)

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